Top class air conditioners make sure the room temperatures are always to your preference. Similarly high performance LED Television sets combined with soundbars provide the most incredible experience in a hotel stay. It is our continuing effort to provide the best and most perfect stay to you always and entertainment is covered.

Ease of stay

We also provide Laundry service. Our facilities are packed with high performance washing machines to give your laundry a delicate and gentle wash, making sure your clothes are in line with the highest expectations. Moreover a plethora and more than a dozen machines make sure the operators are never in a hurry nor is your laundry every mixed with others. Washing machines, an appliance you cant do without.

Blissful for children

Traveling with kids? We are most pleased to welcome kids. Not only that we have dedicated play areas, laden with video games and physical activities to keep them engaged. Similarly our guest areas have rooms for taking care of infants of if you need to change a diaper. We are one of top rated hotels for families on Expedia.